45 Years of Quality Manufacturing

Naiad Plastics

Founded in 1975, Naiad Plastics has seen a lot of changes to the plastic injection moulding industry, and to UK manufacturing in general, but our focus on strong, sustainable partnerships, technical excellence and flexibility has been a constant.  Based in Littlehampton, West Sussex, we serve customers throughout the UK with quality assured custom plastic moulding and assembled products. 

We are fully certified with TUV(Nord) to ISO9001:2015.

A Focus on Sustainability

Plastics have revolutionised our world, improving people’s quality of life and transformed healthcare.  They have properties and can be used in applications that few other materials can match.  However, we are also very aware that excessive use and irresponsible disposal of plastics can cause great environmental harm to animals, oceans and ecosystems.

Today there are still not many good alternatives to the plastics that we have become so reliant upon but one of the great properties of thermoplastics is their ability to be recycled and reused many times over.  If each kg of polymer is used three, four or five times to make different products over several years, then environmental impact in terms of energy and waste disposal can be reduced by up to 80%.  That requires us to not just use plastic that can be recycled but to replace virgin plastic by recycled materials wherever we can.

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Naiad Plastics Key Environmental Policies

At Naiad Plastics we feel we should be leading the way to help our customers understand, manage and reduce the impact of their products by moving to more sustainable plastics manufacturing.  We are therefore taking the following commitments:

  • We do not and will not manufacture any plastic single use packaging or PVC products
  • We are encouraging all new and existing customers to consider switching to recycled or bio plastics
  • We are providing information and samples to make recycled plastics easier to select and specify
  • We are recycling our waste materials and working with clients to see if their old products can be recycled into new ones.
  • We are moving our electricity supply to 100% renewable sources
  • We are helping customers to recycle end-of-life product

Investing for the Future

In 2020 Naiad Plastics was purchased by Industrial Design Consultancy, one the UK’s foremost product design and innovation consultancies.  With a nearly fifty-year history at the forefront of innovation, IDC brings a focus on innovation, technology and sustainability to Naiad as we look to support you with the new challenges you face. 


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