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Tooling Options

At Naiad Plastics we have a range of tooling options, from low cost, prototype tools rapidly produced for short runs to fully hardened multi-cavity hot-runner tools capable of producing millions of parts.  We have in house toolmaking capability for rapid and low volume tools.  Where possible we like to work with our local UK toolmaking partners for the highest quality precision production tools but we also have trusted Far-Eastern toolmakers who can provide good quality tools at competitive prices.    We are also happy to work with your toolmaker to oversee samples and commission the tools.  Whichever the option you choose, our goal is the same – a smooth, efficient transfer to high quality production as quickly as possible.

Low Volume & Prototype

We have a range of tooling options available for rapid and low volume tooling, including 3D printed injection mould tools and rapid machined aluminium tools.

Free Tool Trials

Getting the tools right before starting manufacture is key to successful production.  Our free tool trial service, ensures you are happy with all the sample parts before you start production.

Storage & Maintenance

While your injection moulding tool is with Naiad we keep it in our secure tool storage area ready for when you need parts.  We undertake tool maintenance activities in our in-house tool room.

Choose the Right Option

We are happy to advise you on the tooling options. Factors affecting tooling choice include:

  • Production volumes and batch sizes
  • Part complexity and materials
  • Required tolerance
  • Required tool life
  • If you have a preference for UK tool manufacturing
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